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Bid for a ScootPlus upgrade!

If your price is right, we'll upgrade you to a better flying experience. Treat yourself to something better, at a price that you're comfortable paying. You deserve it!

How it works

1: Choose your flight & your preferences, 2: Enter your payment details & place your Request!, 3: If available, it will be approved 19h before departure

Choose your flight & your bidding price

Review & select your request!

Get notified at least 20 hours before departure

You decide the price, you enjoy the perks

Treat yourself to these perks on ScootPlus:

  • Wide premium leather seats with double legroom
  • 30kg check-in baggage* (Sum of the length, width and height should not exceed 158cm (62 inches))
  • 15kg (max 2 pieces) carry-on baggage allowance
  • One hot/light meal of your choice throughout the flight
  • 30MB Wi-Fi Connectivity (where available)
  • In-seat power

* T&C applies.